Freelance Work

Kyle the Designer

Role: Storyteller, Playlist Generator, Sailor

“You don’t have to like death metal, you just have to care why other people do.” Stephen Webber, Berklee College of Music, 2011

Blue Lantern

Design | Development | Branding


UI Design | UX Design | Web | Business Development | Team: Founders

I transitioned to a consultancy role with Gone after their acquisition of FOBO and Yardsale. I helped the company expand into business and corporate development with a new umbrella identity representing a growing command of secondary market technologies. The founders and I developed the Relayer story and began exploring partnership opportunities with retailers and logistics companies.


User Research | Branding | Web | Business Development | Side Project

Spindrop is the reincarnation of Waxlimited, a platform I developed as a student at Berklee. The platform gives artists a streamlined channel for producing vinyl records while giving fans an opportunity to petition a physical release from their favorite artists.

Within Health

User Research | UX Design | “Invisible” UI | Web (Rails)

I’ve worked with the founders of Within at several different stages in their development as a quantified health startup in Cambridge, Massachusetts and San Francisco. I’ve worked with a number of talented scientists and engineers to build exciting consumer-facing DNA, Blood, and Activity analysis software.

As a designer, my goals have consistently been to deliver a hopeful, supportive interface through which users interact with information that may help them to achieve better well-being.

The company’s first product parsed user genomes to generate a list of foods that best contribute to certain lifestyle goals: weight loss, muscle gain, and general well-being.

For example, according to my genetic makeup, bison meat encourages my body to produce muscle quicker than any other protein.

The product listed the top 5 foods in each of seven food groups. Each recommendation expanded to reveal the genetic markers and studies behind each decision. I designed a layout that kept the list skimmable, but allowed for more granular study.

My prototype is still available here.

Within Health—Mobile Web

The second MVP of this product — a mobile web application — deemphasized genetic information for greater emphasis on foods and good nutrition. While maintaining the benefit of genetically informed advice, this iteration took a step back from the heavy handed “eat this” approach that raised flags with several users.

While producing the new product, we accepted that good health is best approached from all angles and began to consider the other avenues through which genetic analysis could more deeply affect our users.

I worked with the team at to voraciously A/B test user flows, default plugin states, iconography, and messaging to increase installs and upgrades.

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