Gone Marketplace

Gone Marketplace

Role: Product Marketing, Product Management, & Design

Gone needed to increase liquidity to match the rate at which users sold items. Plus, a marketplace was an opportunity to reduce selling fees paid to eBay and Amazon and increase the amount paid to users.

How might we eliminate the stigma against buying used electronics?

How are selling & buying connected on marketplaces?

The Marketplace Hypothesis

“A fully accountable used goods marketplace will account for 10% of Gone’s sales after 60 days.


Web | Marketing | Video | Business Development | Team: Founders

I led our marketplace project to make our inventory of inspected electronics available to buyers. The Gone selling flow already included inspections, repairs, and warehousing, all of which support a selling experience that addresses the apprehensions many buyers have with secondary markets; mystery, and a blurry relationship between price and value.


While Shopify provided a fantastic launchrock for user-facing objectives, we used Sellbrite to help support and automate cross-marketplace listings.

Front End

User Generated / Automated Information


Using the marketplace to build trust in the selling service.