Gone: Redesign (2015)

Redesigning Gone

Role: Product Marketing, Product Management, & Design

Gone is a full-service platform that helps people sell their used items by handling pricing, pickup, inspection, listing, and payment processing for users across the United States.

I performed a full redesign of Gone’s iOS interface and marketing site to improve user experiences, create a trustworthy brand, and support the growth team’s objectives.

I worked closely with the co-founders, marketers, and engineering teams to implement the resulting visual language across the company.

The Gone App

Wireframes | Sketch/After Effects Mockups | Titanium SDK | Team: CEO, CTO, iOS Dev

The Gone app involves a real-world component. Experiences easily change based on a user’s items, their location, and buyers on the secondary market. The objective of our first redesign was to update the existing UI with an interface that helped users complete their unique flow without frustration or confusion. Our second iteration considered the varied motivations of our users and built on the overlaps between “declutterer”, “upgrader”, and “money-maker” personas.

Stage one of the redesign, Gone 1.8, rebranded the app and clarified several screens and digital-to-physical hand-offs within the workflow. (For example, when a courier is scheduled to arrive at your home to pick up your items.)

Stage two of the redesign, Gone 2.0, responded to new user data and business objectives with an entirely reconsidered interface and user experience. For example, one target at this stage is fewer back-and-forth questions before an item is priced, which we solved by populating item-specific questions with data pulled from previous sales.

Gone 1.8

Gone 2.0

Marketing Site

Sketch | Front End Web | SVG Animation | Copywriting | Team: Growth, Engineering

I updated the logo and video from the original Gone site and introduced new visual elements that communicated the sophisticated, controlled, and human characteristics we hoped to affiliate with Gone. I compiled a brand book to explain the ethos behind the design language.

I mocked up and implemented the entire front end of the marketing site with back end support from my colleagues in Argentina. Che boludo.

Various Marketing Materials for Gone