Repeatable Revenue

Repeatable Revenue

Role: Product Marketing & Design

Codecademy was exhausting its email list and needed a sustainable source of enrollments to its Intensive programs. We ran a design sprint to discover a solution.

The Problem Space

Team: Design, Product, Marketing, & Engineering

At this point, the top of the Intensives funnel was entirely email whereas the Codecademy Pro upgrade had been integrated with the site for over a year. The business needed our sprint team to sell a $200–$500, 8-week program on the site without cannibalizing revenue from a $19.99/month Pro subscription with similar features.

Our users needed the ability to confidently choose the right experience for their learning needs without digging through too much information.

I recorded dozens of users interacting with the site, presented them alongside four distinct personas, and surfaced a nearly universal user need for more real-world context around the courses we offer. I proposed that the same industry data that Intensive learners use to consider a purchase decision could help beginners choose a free course that excites them.

Catalog & Onboarding

Team: Design, Product, & Engineering

The leading solution — a redesigned catalog with onboarding for new signups — fulfilled the user experience requirements and fit within our tight engineering constraints.

The redesign included a recategorization of the catalog into programming disciplines with descriptions, salary projections, and imagery. The short onboarding experience rearranged the sections and presented Intensives to learners with an interest in building websites.

Upgrades Page

In adding an additional upgrade option to the on-platform experience, we ran the risk of creating marketplace confusion. We developed a page to share a narrative built on key differences in product features and buyer personas, which helped learners choose the offering that best fit their needs.


The new experience produced higher quality leads than those from email marketing and set the stage for more on-platform Intensives upsells. Repeatable revenue rose to 25% of total bookings. Additionally, course starts and total submits increased amongst free learners, and Pro revenue was minimally affected.