A look at my work and the challenges that have shaped my decisions.




Founder, CEO, Designer

LevelBetter builds mobile-first, gamified learning for digital natives. We bring hyper-engaging game mechanics to digital learning to help education compete in the attention economy.

True Wine

Founder, CEO, Designer, Content Developer

LevelBetter’s first product, True Wine, transforms how people learn about wine. It is a fun, convenient, accessible alternative to traditional wine education.


Previous Projects

Oui C’est

Founder, Videographer, Designer, Marketer

Oui C’est is my video marketing agency that produces product and experience videos along with online advertising campaigns to help businesses find more customers online.


Sailing Tutorials

Founder, Writer, Designer, Instructor

My passion project. Teaching sailing fundamentals online and connecting beginners with a network of mentors and organizations to help them get out on the water.



Launching Intensives

Role: Product Marketing & Design

Codecademy had developed a new 8-week online intensive but hadn’t established key components of the purchase funnel. I worked with multiple teams to build each level of a cohesive buying experience for use in all future course releases.


Repeatable Revenue

Role: Designer & Product Marketer

Codecademy was exhausting its email list and needed a sustainable source of enrollments to its Intensive programs. We ran a design sprint to discover a solution.


Marketing Design

When I first joined Codecademy, there was no marketing department. I developed a visual system and copy guidelines that, with ongoing creative direction, helped the company invest heavily in marketing.

The Gone App

Gone Redesign

I performed a full redesign of Gone’s iOS interface and marketing site to improve user experiences, create a trustworthy brand, and support the growth team’s objectives.


Gone SMS

Gone SMS lets users complete the entire Gone selling process via a text message conversation with our expert selling team.


Kyle Billings

Freelance Projects

Since my earliest design gigs with artists at Berklee College of Music, my career has revolved around developing great products and authentic growth strategies in concert.