True Wine

Founder, CEO, Designer, Content Developer

Duolingo for wine. True Wine is a mobile app used by digital natives around the world to learn about wine without the friction of traditional wine classes. As a two-person (designer + developer) team, we’ve built a gamified learning experience with 10x better course completion rates than MOOCs (65% vs. 6%), 90% month-to-month subscriber retention, and a 4.8 rating on the App Store.


Side Projects

True Wealth

Mobile Design, Content

True Wealth is a fork of True Wine that builds on the idea that an engaging mobile learning experience can help people successfully learn an aspirational topic. Using gamification and a just-in-time pedagogy, True Wealth keeps users engaged as they learn to identify common cognitive biases and pitfalls that get in the way of good financial habits. Currently working on a fork of True Wealth to help onboard people to Web3.


True Wine Social Club

Mobile Design, Content

Exploring an NFT-gated community centered on education and IRL events. The ideas of identity and community stand out as long-term use cases for NFTs. True Wine Social Club is a place to explore 1) how internet/real life community works, 2) what makes an accessible onramp to web3.


The Deep End by On Deck

Podcast Art

Worked with Julian Weisser from On Deck to create the artwork for the Deep End podcast.



Design, Frontend

Joined the core team of ConstitutionDAO. Designed and shipped front-end code to as part of an effort to raise over $40 million and bid on a copy of the US Constitution.



I’ve been a musician since childhood. I still spend at least a few minutes every day playing or producing. Lately, I’ve spent time producing on-chain music with Arpeggi and consulting on their V2 product. I also have a YouTube channel where I make music using only sounds recorded of random household objects.



Zipcar (2018)

Mobile Design Lead, iOS & Android

Worked with Zipcar to improve mobile search and booking UX, add payments support, and integrate new one-way and electric vehicle fleets into the browse and reservation flows. Enjoyed the challenge of creating an intuitive mobile touchpoint on top of a complex real-world infrastructure of vehicles, parking spots, self-inspections, gas cards, etc.


Codecademy Intensives (2017)

Role: Product Marketing & Design

Codecademy had developed a new 8-week online intensive but hadn’t established key components of the purchase funnel. I worked with multiple teams to build each level of a cohesive buying experience for use in all future course releases.


Codecademy: In-Product Upgrade Flows (2017)

Role: Designer & Product Marketer

Codecademy had been relying heavily on its email list to enroll students for its Intensives offering, but the list was nearly exhausted. I ran a design sprint with the goal of capturing inbound interest and enrollments.


Codecademy: Growth Design (2017)

When I first joined Codecademy, there was no marketing department. I developed a visual system and copy guidelines that helped the company scale marketing efforts.


The Gone App

Gone: Mobile Redesign (2015)

I performed a full redesign of Gone’s mobile app and marketing site to improve user experiences, create a trustworthy brand, and support the growth team’s objectives.


Gone SMS (2015)

Gone SMS lets users complete the entire Gone selling process via a text message conversation with our expert selling team.


Oui C’est (2019)

Founder, Videographer, Designer, Marketer

Oui C’est was my video marketing agency that produced product and experience videos along with online advertising campaigns to help businesses find more customers online.


Sailing Tutorials (2018)

Founder, Writer, Designer, Instructor

My passion project. Teaching sailing fundamentals online and connecting beginners with a network of mentors and organizations to help them get out on the water.


Freelance Projects (2014–2020)

Since my earliest design gigs with artists at Berklee College of Music, my career has revolved around developing great products and authentic growth strategies in concert.